I'm Marcio Toledo (aka. Toledo) a Full Stack Designer,
Problem Solver, Shopify Expert and Frontend Developer

Co-founder and Digital Strategist at Toledo Interactive, Designer and Shopify Expert at Click2it Australia, currently living in Brazil and working remotely for anywhere.

I'm fascinated by the stock market and divide my time as trader and investor of derivatives and shares at B3.

Web worker since 2000 😎 and Chief Home Officer since 2013 🙃

You can find me on: Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, Telegram, +55 (11) 975 711 881 or email me [email protected]!

You might also find me trying to be a streamer 😅 doing live streams on Twitch.tv/ToledoX82 while I'm working on design or frontend development, or playing Fortnite feel free to chat 😉